At OXYZ Dymanic stage, we adopted approach for prevention and disease management that takes into account of individual variability in genes, environment, biological health condition, and lifestyle for each individual.

We prepared individualized cell programmes according to the specific needs or requests in order to bring anatomical, physiological, mental, and spiritual balance.

There are specialized cell programmes offered by OXYZ to cater to the individual needs under formulation of Deutsch-Französischen Gesellschaft für Thymus-Therapie (DFGTT) :

Brain Health

Preservation of optimal brain integrity,
mental and cognitive function

Immune Enhancer

Promote optimum balanced immunity
from autoimmune, allergic, and infection

Metabolic Health

Reduce risk factor of metabolic syndrome
and regulate main metabolism index

Osteo Health

For repairing and reconstruction of joints,
strengthening of the musculoskeletal system

Skin Firmer

For younger and more supple skin

Cancer Prevention

Reduce risk of getting cancer for one
having family history of cancer

OXYZ Powerful
Revitalization Therapy

OXYZ Powerful Revitalization Therapy is made up of 12 vials of cell factors of the cerebrum, heart, adrenal glands, liver, spleen, placenta, ovary or testis, thymus, kidney, ectoderm stem cell, endoderm stem cell, and mesenchymal stem cell respectively.

These specified cell factors are aimed at regenerating 12 human body systems which govern or control aging. With the power of embryonic stem cells, ectoderm, endoderm, and mesenchymal together can regenerate more than 220 cell types in the adult body. While body systems are repaired and revitalized, they will be more efficient in combating the most aggressive symptoms of premature ageing.