German Concept of Healing

Basic Package
  • Resonance Scanning
  • Immunity Test
  • Doctor Consultation
Comprehensive Package
Comprehensive Package
  • Full Blood Test (Excluding Hormone)
  • Resonance Scanning
  • Immunity Test
  • Doctor Consultation
Premium Package
Premium Package
  • Full Blood Test
  • ECG
  • Resonance Scanning
  • Immunity Test
  • Doctor Consultation
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What they say about us

They have an excellent service and outstanding guidance regarding health care.. I'm so grateful.. Staffs are so responsive and they make us feel so warm with their gesture..😊

Anusha M

I came here for my detoxification bcz I have very high uric acid after a month of treatment here my uric acid is completely gone, no more pain in the joints and blood results shows positive

tarek barakat


Loh Weh Jie

I have opted total body checkup package and the service is so good. Staffs are so friendly and supportive. They brought up good changes in my health care routine by there guidance.. I recently took myer’s treatment ..can feel the improvement especially gut+ probiotic did wonders … I feel glad that I choose Oxyz health and wellness.

msns hemanth

Friendly people and cozy center

Lee Tan


Alice Wong

OXYZ Health & Wellness

One stop Integrative and Regenerative medicine located in the most eminent location in Bangsar Shopping Complex in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with a complete spectrum of Biological Medicine, we are best known as a home of Biological medicine in South East Asia. We have our branch in Johor Bahru as well.

Our concept recognizes that disease and serious heath complications reflect underling issues, and here we treat the root cause of the disease rather than symptoms.

The natural state of body is health; its regulatory system maintains that wellness despite the occasional threat and such systems are impaired by external factors like toxins, inbalanced nutrition, stress, genes, lifestyle and when this happens we develop conditions which is followed by symptoms and lastly disease.

With one goal in mind to empower people to live healthy and reverse ageing.

Oxyz health and wellness is founded. With medical team of more than 30 years’ experience in Biological medicine we are ready to welcome you to begin your journey towards endless possibilities.

5 Pillars of OXYZ Biological
Medicine Approach







Our health screening technologies are sourced all the way from Germany with comprehensive portfolio of advanced health assessments. For every individual we always advise to go for this stage to know your health and DISCOVER your risk factors or potential life-threatening diseases.By fostering this approach our medical team are able to customize the treatments accordingly for best clinical results. Under this we cover below sectors to discover your state of health:

• Mineral and vitamin levels tests to detect the body antioxidant levels.
• Inflammation and oxidative level detection for early risk factor analysis and root cause.
• Genetic tests to detect cellular weaknesses and family history.
• Heavy metal tests to detect toxic loads.
• Comprehensive blood and hormone tests to detect organ dysfunctions.
• Dried Layer Blood Encryption detect regulatory disturbances, vitamin c levels and tissue-acidity.
• Thorough examination of the gastro-intestinal tract, microbiome and immune system.
• Nutritional and lifestyle factors.• Body Mind and psychosomatic diagnostics.
• Food Allergy Panels.


Each one of us have a continual onslaught of toxic chemicals that build up in the body and specially wreak havoc with our DNA, Immune, Endocrine and Neurological systems. With thousands of chemicals released every year into the consumer goods market we are all exposed to and full of toxins. The results of toxin built-up may be symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and muscle joints, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome. Diseases such as cancer, dementia, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances are all been linked to chemicals in the food, water, air and consumer products.

Our bodies invest an enormous amount of energy in removing the chemical byproducts of normal metabolic processes. One estimate is that 80% of our basal energy expenditure goes to detoxification and cleansing. Disease and a loss of well-being will result when the detoxification process is impaired.

Our Detox phase comes right after discovery stage when you are able to determine what kind of detoxification is required. Our medical doctors will explain the expected outcomes from this stage and comes with the clinical pre and post test.


If we look into the Dictionary its means “the action of defending from or resisting attack” and this is exactly what we do here at this stage. We are looking into restoring your health back to youth and focus on healthy ageing is the key at this stage.

We have several Programs that are covered under this category for preventive and also for curative purposes. Key services covered under this are under below.


At OXYZ Dymanic stage, we adopted approach for prevention and disease management that takes into account of individual variability in genes, environment, biological health condition, and lifestyle for each individual.

We prepared individualized cell programmes according to the specific needs or requests in order to bring anatomical, physiological, mental, and spiritual balance.

There are specialized cell programmes offered by OXYZ to cater to the individual needs under formulation of Deutsch-Französischen Gesellschaft für Thymus-Therapie (DFGTT)


We’ve all heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” But is it really true? Is food medicine? Does food have that big of an impact on our health and wellbeing? Is it possible to heal your body with food?

Years of experience, research, and history shows that yes, food does make a major impact on our lives.

What we eat can either make or break our health. In fact, we can even use food as medicine to help our bodies heal from illness, prevent disease, and live long and healthy lives.


We have several Health & Wellness Programs for preventive and also for curative purposes. Key services covered are shown below:


Dr. med.
Thorsten Muthorst

Panel Doctor at OXYZ Health and Wellness
Medical Director of Praxis fuer Ganzheitliche Medizin
Member of Classical Homeopathy (GVS) and Acupuncture (DÄGfA)

Medical Specialties:

Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine,
Rheumatism and Orthopaedic, Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine,
Orthomolecular Medicine.

Good medicine needs far more than just science!

Dr med
Michael Männel

Panel Doctor at OXYZ Health and Wellness
Medical Doctor and Researcher in Molecular Biology

Medical Specialties:

Naturopathy, Internal Medicine, Complementary Oncology, Knee Injury, ENT, Degenerative Diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Wellness treatment is the key to ageing healthy.

Dr Abdullah
Asad Siddiqui

Primary Doctor at OXYZ Health and Wellness
Emergency Physician
Certified ACLS (PPUM )
MTLS ( Hospital Sungai Buloh)

Medical Specialties:

Emergency Medicine, Occupational Health Medicine
Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.

The sign of a good doctor should be how many patients he can get off medications, not how many people he puts on medications.

Dr Khudhur

Primary Doctor at OXYZ Health & Wellness
Board Certified Physician (MD), Ukraine
General Surgery License, Kharkiv
Certificate from the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Board member of the Graduate Studies Committee at Karazin Medical University
Cosmetologist certification from the National Council of Cosmetology

Medical Specialties:

General Surgery, Cosmetology, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine.

In the realm of health, prevention holds the key to a resilient future, forging a shield against ailments that patience and medicine alone cannot match.

Dr Vincent

Primary Doctor at OXYZ Health and Wellness
Phd in Health Science
Trained in University of Kyushu, Japan
Postgraduate specialization in Orthopedic and Surgery
Medical Officer in Emergency and Trauma Department
Member of Turkish Ozone Medical Association

Medical Specialties:

Emergency Medicine, Orthopedic and Surgery, Ozone
Treatment And Functional Medicine, Cell Regeneration
Medicine, Integrative Medicine.

Empowering individuals
through integrative healing.

Dr Daniel

Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD) In Health Sciences - Naturopathic (CA)
Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor (ANMCB)
Executive Bachelor In Diet & Nutrition (AEU)
Member Of American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA)
Member Of Society Of Complementary Alternative And Holistic Practitioners (SCAHP)
Member Of Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA)
Member Of German-French Society for Thymus Therapy (GFSTT)
Member Of International External Counterpulsation Association (IECPA)
Member Of International Hormone Society (IHS)
Member Of World Society Of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM)

Medical Specialties:

Anti-Aging Medicine, Immunology, Natural Medicine, Orthomolecular & Scientific Nutrition, Nutrition Therapy.

Prevention is better than cure.

Dr Malini

Primary Doctor at OXYZ Health and Wellness
MedicalExperience Working in National Heart Institute of Cardiology Department
Masters in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Medical Specialties:

Primary Care with Emergency Medicine
Aesthetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Metabolic Disease Prevention, Experience in Neurofeedback Management for special need, Nutritional Therapy.

Balancing science and nature
for comprehensive healing.

Dr Hasveni

Primary Doctor at OXYZ Health and Wellness
BHMS (Dr MGR Medical University, India)
Diploma (Orthomolecular Medicine, Alfa ThermodiagnosticsInc, US)
Diploma (Biological Medicine, Fortify Health Institute, US)

Medical Specialties:

Integrative and Holistic Medicine, Complementary Oncology, Functional Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine.

The art of healing comes
from nature, not from
the physician.

Dr Prakash

Primary Doctor at OXYZ Health & Wellness
MBBS , M.S ( Ortho )
Fellowship in knee Replacement & Sports Injuries
Chief author of " Orthopedic & Traumatology "

Medical Specialties:

Orthopedic and Surgery, Sports Medicine, EECP Heart Health Therapy, Customized Detoxification Formulation, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy.

Health is not just the absence of illness, but the harmony of mind, body, and soul.

Dr Nishaan

Primary Health Advisor at OXYZ Health and Wellness Bangsar Branch. Medical experience working in Centre of Excellence in Research for Infectious Diseases and AiDS, Universiti Malaya focusing on Community Medicine and Public Health.

Medical Specialties:

Social Preventive Medicine, Community Healthcare, Prevention for HIV and AiDS.

The first wealth is health.

Nurina Sahira

Dietitian at OXYZ Health and Wellness Bangsar Branch B.S Nutrition & Community HealthUniversity Putra Malaysia

Medical Specialties:

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Current member of Malaysian Dietitians' Association (MDA).

Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food.

What is Oxyz


Optimal Health
Is a Journey

We believe optimal health is not only a goal or destination. It’s an optimization of the best of available health resources and platforms.



Adding years to life, and life to years. It’s quality and not quantity of life that matters. Stay active and healthy towards quality living.


Has No Age

Youth is a state of mind and age is just a number. Being free of disease with full of energy at all aspect of life.


for Life

Live life to the fullest with good health. It’s a state for us living with a purpose, feeling of fullness and enthusiasm for life.


Medical team of more than 30 years’ experience globally

Biological medicinewith clinical evidences

Completely safeandradiation free concept

Treat the root cause rather than managing the symptoms

Offer personalized treatments

Empower the culture of health within yourself and your loved ones

With global presence of more than 30 countries

Complementary professional medical doctor consultations for any kind of medical reports


Bangsar Shopping Center

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