Aging is a normal, continuous process in every living thing that results in the gradual decline of many body functions. Aging does not start or end at a particular age but happens gradually from birth till death.
As a person ages, it exposes them to certain health conditions that can impair normal well-being. Conditions linked with older age include cataracts, back pain, osteoarthritis, pulmonary diseases, hearing loss, depression, and even dementia.
To minimize the effects of aging, several kinds of anti-aging health programs are available today. These plans can come in the form of diet plans, pills, IV medications, and other anti-aging remedies aimed at revitalizing and reversing aging.

Healthy Aging Explained
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy aging as "the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability necessary for well-being in older age.”
Older age increases the occurrence of certain health conditions known as geriatric syndromes. These conditions are associated with a steady decline in physical and mental capacity, resulting in an increased risk of disease, and eventually death.
Aging should be healthy to maintain optimal living conditions. Although some of these conditions are linked with aging and underlying genetics, the majority of them are caused by the influence of their environments on their health.

Anti-aging Explained
Anti-aging is a concept that has received multiple definitions from scientists, health professionals, aestheticians, and even beauty/fitness enthusiasts. Questions like, "what does anti-aging really mean?""Is it possible to age backward?""How can I age backward" are commonly asked by persons who seek the fountain of youth hidden in the science of anti-aging.
Scientific research on anti-aging is focused on finding solutions to either reverse or slow down aging in humans. Currently, there are no known medications or procedures that can slow down or reverse the natural process of aging which would happen to everyone.
In comparison, medical research on anti-aging is focused on the prevention, detection, and treatment of chronic diseases associated with aging. The focus of anti-aging in the medical community is to promote healthy aging and prevent the early appearance of age-related diseases.
At Oxyzhealth, we provide products and therapies that promote optimal health conditions for aging persons and keep them revitalized for their daily activities. Our programs help you to stay beautiful in and out, and age healthily.

Therapies and programs dedicated to healthy aging and revitalization available at Oxyzhealth include:

● Oxyz Stem Cell Program – Stem cells are unique cells that can give rise to any kind of cell and tissue in the body, such as skin, hair, and muscle. Stem cell program uses stem cells (that may have been collected when the person was still younger) to replace damaged and old cells in the body.
Oxyz Beauty IV drips – Our beauty IV drips are packed with antioxidants – Glutathione and Vitamin C, and Collagen Forte that keep your skin supple and smooth.
● Colon Hydrotherapy – Our colon hydrotherapy clears toxins out of the colon, and effectively out of the body.
● Immune System Drips – Packed with powerful antioxidants, these drips help to boost immune system function and maintain optimal function.
● Oxygen Therapy – Our oxygen therapy increases oxygen content in the body to improve body metabolism.
● Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy – Intermittent hypoxia therapy involves training and exercise in environments with low oxygen concentrations. Training in these hypoxic
conditions improves endurance, strength, and overall energy.
Hypoxic training should be done with caution and under the supervision of trained supervisors, especially with older persons.

Factors that can improve healthy aging.
In young people that want to age in healthy conditions, early adoption of a healthy lifestyle is important to prevent the occurrence of geriatric conditions. Components of a healthy lifestyle include:

● Regular exercising – Maintaining a physically active lifestyle plays a major role in the prevention of chronic diseases, including diabetes and atherosclerosis. As you grow
older, exercise should be more guided by trained professionals to plan proper exercise plans, and prevent harm during exercises.
● Healthy diet – Keeping a healthy diet is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy diet normally contains fewer calories and can include foods that are packed with nutrients. Whole grains, healthy fat, fruits, and vegetables are great diet choices that should be included in the diet. Refined sugars, soda, and alcohol should be reduced or removed, especially as a person grows older.
● Maintaining a healthy weight – Certain health conditions are associated with being obese/overweight, as well as being as underweight. A healthy diet combined with
lifestyle adjustments and more physical activity is recommended to maintain a healthy weight.
● Quitting smoking – Smoking is implicated in multiple health conditions, including heart disease and cancers. Quitting smoking totally is one of the single most important things for your health as you grow older.
● Increased participation in hobbies – As you get older, it is common to get preoccupied with the responsibilities of work and family. Getting involved with the hobbies and
social activities you enjoy can increase happiness in older people to reinforce healthy living.
Regular Health Screening – Regular doctor visits help to screen for diseases, and detect them early. In men for example, as you get older, checking your prostrate regularly is important to catch prostate cancer early, and start treatment early.

Although these tips cannot stop aging (no one really can), they are extremely helpful to prevent health conditions caused by aging. Revitalization starts with a commitment to positive lifestyle changes prior to the introduction of therapies and medications.

Benefits of Revitalization
Aging is accompanied by a decline in health which results in a decline in vitality, a decline in sexual performance, hormonal imbalances, an increase in the risk of chronic diseases and neurodegenerative conditions, and a loss of the body’s ability to clear toxins.
Revitalization is aimed at preventing the early advent of age-related disease to keep the youthful energy peaking. Multiple benefits can be gained from revitalization which improves general health and well-being. Some of the benefits you can gain from joining a revitalization program today include:

● Restoration of vitality and sexual performance.
● Increases energy to be able to complete daily tasks.
● Reduces the effects of stress from daily activities
● Minimizes the risk of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes.
● Boost the immune system to be able to fight diseases


Today, people globally are living longer than in the past. Aging is a normal process is associated with an accumulation of irreversible cellular change and damage. Aging results in an increased risk of disease, a decline in the overall quality of life, and eventually death.
The goal of revitalization is not to reverse aging but to maintain healthy aging. Healthy aging can be achieved by lifestyle and diet modifications that reduce the accumulation of dangerous toxins in the body.