The term “food allergy”, “food intolerance” and Food sensitivity are often used interchangeably and are often confused but essentially they all mean and abnormal reaction to certain foods.

They are usually two types of reaction to food:
Immune mediated and Non-immune-mediated

Immune Mediated:
    1. IgE Antibody        2. IgG Antibody

Non Immune Mediated
   1. Enzyme deficiency, Chemical
        effect, Pharmacological effect

Immune mediated response

Reactions that trigger an immune response are most often referred to as allergies and occur when the body reacts to foods that do not usually produce response in the majority of people

Non-immune mediated reactions
Reactions that do not produce an immune response are often referred to as Food intolerances, they can be caused by sensitivities to certain chemicals/additives found in your food or commonly due to enzyme deficiencies

Both thee test are conducted via a blood test that can measure your immune system's response to particular foods by measuring the allergy-related antibody.

What are the benefits of getting Food Allergy Testing?

Helpful to
manage diets

Helps differentiate between
allergy and intolerance

Prevent severe
allergic reaction

Manage your body’s
inflammation markers

Improve everyday
quality of life

Addressing the root cause
of the diseases