Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a quantitative test that measures the mineral composition of hair, (precise to parts per million). It is a safe and non-invasive test that reflects the level of nutrients and toxic elements in body tissue.

It is regarded by many integrative doctors, naturopaths, nutritional therapists and vets as one of the most valuable screening tools available in everyday and preventative health care.
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides clinical data missed by standard blood, urine and stool testing.
It provides important information to help you get your health back on-track and maintain wellness in all stages of life!
Why is it important to measure the Mineral Levels?
Minerals are essential for our growth, vitality, wellbeing and healing when necessary. It also provides a structural support in the bones, teeth and maintains the body’s pH levels, water balance, muscle health, nerve functionality, energy production and many more. It is very important to do this test if you are looking at preventive care and root cause if your health status is at bay.
Why you need to understand Imbalances and toxins?
Our health and wellbeing are always aggravated by mineral imbalances and toxic metal excesses, many existing medicals conditions such as cardiovascular, diabetes, mental health, hyperactivity, high blood pressure, fatty liver and so on always have correlation with imbalances and toxins.
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Our laboratory (ANALYTICAL RESEARCH LABS. Inc) is internationally recognized and considered a world leader in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. The laboratory employs state of the art technology and is a federally licensed clinical facility; following strictly established analytical, health and safety protocols. It is regularly inspected by the Clinical Laboratory Division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Why you need to understand Imbalances and toxins?
• Hair specimens can be collected more quickly and easily than blood, urine, or any other tissue, using a non-invasive method.
•Hair analysis is more cost-effective than mineral testing through other means.
• Unlike blood, hair is less susceptible to the homeostatic mechanisms that quickly affect trace element levels.
• Long-term deviations of mineral retention or losses are more easily detected in hair than blood.Hair testing reveals key information about your level of
  metabolic activity.Concentrations of most elements in the hair are significantly higher than found in the blood and other tissues.
• Hair provides a record of past as well as present trace element levels, i.e. biological activity.
• Hair provides information of substances entering the hair from the blood serum as well as from external sources.
• Hair is invaluable in the assessment of toxic metal levels.
• Hair testing measures mineral imbalances that can directly affect related vitamin activity.
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