The most powerful medical device in the field of Quantum medicine is RESONANCE SCAN. In its 3D technology it is able to analyze diseases of all organs starting from the earliest phase.

This method is comfortable, painless, without radiation adverse effects, without contrast injection and without entering enclosed space and it does not require special preparation.

With this exam we get an insight into patient’s complete health condition, we determine predisposition for certain diseases, or we assess diseases that are already established.

To add to what we said in our brief introduction, every living cell or organism possesses an electromagnetic field, a healthy cell has a specific frequency and voltage in the same way that an unhealthy cell will have its own electromagnetic frequency that is different to that of the healthy cell. A healing cell will possess a different electromagnetic frequency to a cell that is healthy, or to a cell that is failing to heal properly. To add to this a, liver cell will emit at a different frequency to a brain cell, a bone cell, different to a stomach cell etc. Based on this scientific knowledge of electromagnetic frequencies a resonance machine is able to scan the human body and tell you about the health and healing states of the tissues in various organs. The accumulation of all of these many trillions of electromagnetic fields creates your own complete body field. Known as the Electromagnetic field of the human body in Quantum Physics or more commonly known as your ‘Aura’ when applied in terms of Meta Physics.